Amity Pale

Tropical hops and rich, moreish malt with a friendly, easy balance.

The rise of American Pale Ale heralded a turning point for beer, back toward flavour – being prized for freshness and produced locally.

Amity Pale Ale shows off hops from Australia and the USA alongside malt from New Zealand, aiming to be more of an esky filler than a boat rocker.

Best enjoyed with beach hair and bare feet.

5% ABV / 1.5 Standard Drinks

The Underwater Racetrack 

As the second largest sand island in the world, the coastline of Straddie (Minjerribah) is constantly shifting. Nowhere more so than at Amity Point (Pulan Pulan). In the 1920s, the popular Amity Bush Races were run on a sand racecourse that now sits hundreds of metres offshore, at the bottom of the Rainbow Channel. Legend has it — the first Stradbroke Handicap. Under the sea. Cheers to that.


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