Myora Springs Gose

Fresh and salt water, sweet and sour

A vibrant homage to place. Zesty desert lime and citrus aromas, subtle minerality with a dry, refreshing tang.

Springing from the mineral rich waters of the river from which it took its name, Gose is a German style of ale co-fermented with lactobacillus, imparting a restrained sourness. Inspired by the mingling fresh and salt water at Myora Springs, our Gose is a surprisingly refreshing blend of sweet wheat and barley malt, sour lactic acid, saline water and bursting with fruity hops and native desert lime.

The perfect palate cleanser and post-surf refresher.

4.5% ABV / 1.3 Standard Drinks

Minjerribah’s Ancient Soul

Myora Springs (Capembah) is a window into Straddie’s (Minjerribah) ancient soul. Each and every day, over two million litres of pure sand-filtered fresh water rises from the inner depths of the island’s aquifer and flows out into Moreton Bay. A culturally and ecologically significant place. Where freshwater and saltwater meet. 

Cheers to that.


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