Point Lookout Lager

An old-world Pilsener with a full malt body, floral noble hops and a clean firm finish.

Point Lookout Lager is a beer named after a place, and so is Pilsener. The once unique, now ubiquitous pale, refreshing lager was born in a town called Pilsen, and changed beer forever. Every pale lager has roots that trace back to Pilsen, with its soft water, access to pale malted barley and floral, spicy saaz (Žatec) hops.

If you think craft beer can’t be easy drinking, or that lager is always boring, think again.

5% ABV / 1.5 Standard Drinks

The Whale Highway

Point Lookout (Mulumba) is one of the best land-based spots in the world for whale watching. Meandering along the North Gorge Walk, you can witness majestic humpback whales migrating north to warmer waters from late May, and back home to the Antarctic from August to October every year. Just off the coastline. A whale highway. 

Cheers to that.


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