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Beer has been many things over the millennia.

In the beginning, a spontaneous revelation, discovered not designed, marvelled at more than mastered. The most likely genesis – a leaky grain store and a resultant fruity, sour, funky but intriguing gruel-like substance with a subtle spritz of carbonation and a gentle, winsome buzz. A far cry from a modern industrialised and pasteurised lager, a nitro-poured stout, or a clean, mean hop monster of an IPA – but beer, nonetheless.

We love talking beer – and anything to do with Straddie.  Hit us up!

Until our Island Brewery is operational, we will be brewing our beers a batch at a time, whenever there is some space to spare at Ballistic, and we plan to make them available online, direct from us to you.

Let us know the beers you’re interested in & we’ll add you to the pre-sale list.