Ludo at Amity

Jarad is a large-scale muralist, contemporary realistic oil painter, and illustrator from the Bayside region of Brisbane, Australia. Jarad completed studies in graphic design in 2017, and proceeded to work as a designer and illustrator, while studying and practicing oil paining in his spare time.

Jarad has been painting murals full time since 2019, and completes most of his work in regional towns throughout QLD, NSW & Tasmania as he lives and works out of his humble caravan – ‘the vanborghini’, often calling Stradbroke island home during the brief intervals when he’s not traversing the country.

With a fascination for classical European art movements such as the Baroque and the Dutch Golden Age, Jarad aims to draw inspiration from these periods and create compositions that are symbolic, romantic, and timeless, with a particular focus on using brushwork to create portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes.