Caring for your Growler

How do you maintain your Growler or Squealer between fills? The good news is,  it’s EASY!

Here are some easy steps for cleaning and caring for your Straddie Brewing Co growlers between fills:

1. Store it cold until you have time to clean it. The best thing to do is to clean a growler as soon as you finish drinking it, but we know that’s not always possible. So, to limit bacteria’s ability to take hold, keep the growler in a cooler or in the fridge until you have a few minutes to wash it out.

2. Triple rinse with hot water. Make sure your tap water is nice and hot, then fill, swirl and rinse your growler about 3 times. This should knock out anything that has started to develop in your growler.

3. Air dry upside down. Allow your growler to sit upside down and air dry completely. A damp growler can harbor bacteria, whereas a dry growler will not.

4. Leave the cap off. Don’t cap your growler once it has been cleaned. Capping the growler will result in stagnant air, which could promote bacteria growth. Allowing the air to circulate will reduce this risk.

Cheers to the next fill of Straddie beer!