Minjerribah’s Ancient Soul

Myora Springs (Capembah) is a window into Straddie’s (Minjerribah) ancient soul. Each and every day, over two million litres of pure sand-filtered fresh water rises from the inner depths of the island’s aquifer and flows out into Moreton Bay. A culturally and ecologically significant place. Where freshwater and saltwater meet. 

Cheers to that.

The Cambus Wallace Legacy

1894. In treacherous seas, the Cambus Wallace was shipwrecked off Straddie (Minjerribah). Her cargo: beer, whisky and...

The Whale Migration

The breathtaking North Gorge Walk at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island is more than just a great scenic walk. It...

The Causeway to the Coral Sea

The Alfred Martin Way (known locally as the Causeway) runs west to east across the middle of Straddie (Minjerribah),...

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