Earth Day Every Day

We’re proud to celebrate our commitment to sustainability and treading lightly on our beautiful island home of North Stradbroke.

It’s a constant ‘work in progress’ but we’re proud of how we’re tracking:

🌱 We use Biopak 4pk Beer Ring holders made from waste sugar cane pulp, reducing plastic waste and supporting a circular economy.  Worms and dogs think they’re yum.

🌱 We have eliminated almost all plastic use in our brewery, including swapping out plastic pallet wrap for revolutionary reusable Bear Hug Pallet Wraps, reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly alternatives.

🌾 We donate all our spent grain (from the brewing process) to the North Stradbroke Island Golf Club, where it’s composted to create nitrogen-rich fertilizer for their greens, enriching the soil without harmful chemicals.

🚮 We co-ordinate an annual Clean Up Straddie Day for the three townships on Straddie. This March, our efforts saw over 47 volunteers, including 12 Nippers from the Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club, collect a whopping 363kgs of rubbish from our beaches and surrounding waterways.

Together with our community, we’re making a positive impact on our environment and preserving the natural beauty of Straddie for generations to come.  Let’s continue to work together to protect our planet every day, not just on Earth Day!