Sandpit Series #7


#7 Rufus NEIPA

Tasting notes: Mandarin, Strawberry, Apricot & Coconut.

#7 in our Sandpit Series is a hazy/cloudy New England IPA that combines bold modern hop flavours with fruity fermentation-derived esters.

New England IPA as a style is the result of switching out the ever-reliable, super clean American ale yeast used by west coast classics like Sierra Nevada, Green Flash, Russian River etc. in California, for a more expressive ale yeast of UK origin. The result is a hop profile that is accentuated and blended in with a fruity, fermentation-derived ester profile. These yeasts also don’t flocculate very well when compared with West Coast ale strains, meaning the yeast is more inclined to stay in suspension, along with hop oils and malt proteins giving the style a pleasant/alarming haze, depending on your point of view.

For this beer style, we take our Straddie naturally sand-filtered water and utilise a water chemistry that is chloride heavy. Chloride accentuates malt sweetness and a general rounded, full flavour as opposed to more sulphate heavy water profiles that will accentuate hop bitterness and gives a more distinct, focussed presentation to the bitterness. Our version of the NEIPA style maintains a firm but very rounded and integrated bitterness, as well as a decent malt backbone. Both of these characters help to support and lift the hop aroma and flavour.

A fruity hop party in your glass.

Grain bill: Pilsner & ale malt, rolled wheat and oats, carapils
Hops: Cashmere (US), Eclipse (AU), Superdelic (NZ)
Yeast: Verdant IPA yeast

7.7%ABV,  45 IBU

375ml  2.2 Standard Drinks

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